What Is EasySocket?

EasySocket provides easy socket entegration to your web or mobile application. All you have to do is add easysocket client library and make http post requests to push.

Why EasySocket?

EasySocket is really easy. Zero configuration. No lib file is neccessary for your server side code. No other servlet definiton or exceptional cases for socket implemantation. It is secure no one can listen your channel or can make a push to your clients. As easy as adding a javascript tag to your page. Use websockets, push messages to your clients in minutes of effort.


Easy way to implement real-time application in seconds. Push your data and watch the magic.


Using websocket is 400X lightweight, 20X faster than ajax-polling.

Less Code

Focus your project, don't waste your time and care anything about websocket integration.

To use EasySocket you don't need to add any library, file,xml etc. to your code.It is even easier than using any javascript library. You don't need to download any file just copy and paste your workspace script block to your html file that is it, you are done.

Web socket support with EasySocket is really fast and easy to develop. You will add web socket support to your application in minutes and start sending instant push messages to your clients.

Your messages and application is secure with EasySocket.No one can listen your messages unless you want. Clients can get messages if ip address of the application added to allowed ip addresses. No one can send a message without your private key.

You can listen messages from multiple ip addresses as long as you add those ip addresses to allowed ip address list.This feature makes scaling easy for your application.Also provides cross messaging between your applications.

You can do whatever you want with your messages.You can send any kind of serializable data such as html parts or json. Handle your client methods after registering them use power of web sockets.

EasySocket is well documented.You can find answer to your all questions.Sample projects are provided in different platforms. You can follow step by step tutorials or start immediately from getting strated.